The Ultimate Guide to Fuel Cards for Truckers and Fleets

If you’re a fleet manager, own a trucking company, or run a business that relies heavily on driving, you likely have mixed feelings when it comes to fuel. You know it’s the lifeblood of your operations—and that it’s incredibly expensive.
a trucker pays for gas at a station using a company fuel discount card

The Ultimate Guide to Fuel Cards for Truckers and Fleets

If you’re a fleet manager, own a trucking company, or run a business that relies heavily on driving, you likely have mixed feelings when it comes to fuel. You know it’s the lifeblood of your operations—and that it’s incredibly expensive. 

Many businesses have turned to fuel cards as a way to manage costs and streamline processes due to the rising prices of fuel.

In an industry where every penny counts, having the right fuel card can make a world of a difference. The best trucking fuel card eliminates hassles when it comes to fuel transactions, but the wrong one will leave you with more questions than answers.

So, before committing to a fuel card program for your fleet, make sure you’re informed on the ins and outs of how they work, what benefits they offer, and more. Keep reading to discover the power of trucking fuel cards!

What Is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is a payment card specifically designed for purchasing fuel, primarily used by truckers or fleet operators.

Similar to a credit card, it allows drivers to pay for fuel at designated fuel stations. However, unlike traditional credit cards, fuel cards often offer additional features tailored to the transportation industry's needs, such as discounted fuel rates, detailed transaction reporting, and the ability to monitor and control fuel expenditures.

They streamline accounting processes, provide insights into fuel usage, and can help businesses save money on fuel costs.

Trucking company fuel cards provide a variety of benefits that make it easier to plan, manage, and optimize fuel expenses. Partnering with a card issuer who understands your industry will give you and your business the green light to grow. 

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Who Are Fleet Fuel Cards for?

While any business with several trucks or other vehicles can benefit from using fuel cards for fleets, they’re especially great for: 

  • Transportation and logistics companies that ship freight or move goods. 
  • Delivery services that use trucks to move consumer products or packages. 

A fuel card tailored to the needs of these industries can be a huge financial asset, especially as they scale their operations and expand their reach. 

Drive More, Spend Less

How Do Fuel Cards Work?

Introducing a fuel-saving card into your fleet management system is easy. This is what you can expect:

Step 1

To get started with a fuel card, truckers or fleet managers need to apply for one through a fuel card provider, like REV Capital. The application process typically involves providing basic information such as company details, vehicle information, and credit history. Once approved, the fuel card is issued, and the account is set up.

Step 2

When your driver needs to refuel, they use fuel cards at dedicated stations. They may need to enter additional information such as a security PIN, unit number, and driver, and vehicle details to complete the transaction.

Step 3

When a fuel card is used, the transaction details are transmitted to the issuer’s system in real-time, who verifies and checks it against the account’s available funds or imposed credit limit. Once approved, the purchase amount is deducted from the account associated with the card, after the fuel purchase. The issuer then records and stores detailed information about the purchase, such as the date, time, location, amount, and type of fuel purchased, as well as the vehicle or driver associated with the transaction.

Step 4

Fuel card users can access their accounts online to view transactions, monitor fuel purchases, and view detailed reports. Owner-operators or fleet managers can track fuel expenses across their entire fleet, analyze fuel consumption trends, and identify opportunities for cost savings or efficiency improvements.

Benefits of Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

1. Serious Fuel Savings

Fuel cards for truckers are licenses to save money—why wouldn’t you take advantage of saving a few cents per gallon? It all matters, especially when your drivers are filling up tanks worth hundreds of dollars at a time. Whether it be through point-of-sale deductions or monthly rebates, the savings are substantial.

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2. Expense Tracking for Better Financial Control

By allowing you to set daily transaction limits and daily gallon limits, trucking fuel cards prevent excessive and unauthorized spending. Having more control over how and where company money is being spent is never a bad thing, especially when considering the peace of mind it affords.

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3. Improved Fleet Management

Company-wide accounting is tedious and complicated, but fuel cards for fleets make it simpler by tracking all the information you need. Rather than having to note everything down yourself, they condense receipts into an online portal. This is particularly helpful when it comes time to do International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting.

4. Fewer Complications & Enhanced Security

The last thing you want is for your drivers to encounter issues when trying to fuel up halfway through a long trip. Fuel cards make worrying about carrying cash, lost receipts, and declined credit cards a thing of the past, streamlining the entire process while improving safety by reducing the potential for theft or fraud.

A  trucking employee stands in front of his vehicle at a gas station

5 Features to Consider When Evaluating Fuel Cards

With these benefits in mind, there are several factors to consider when evaluating the quality and effectiveness of fuel cards for trucking. These include:

1. The Flexibility of the Spending Controls

Not all fuel cards offer the same spending controls. If you oversee a massive fleet or are particularly concerned about trucking theft or fraud, you should consider those with more flexibility. Conversely, basic spending limits may be sufficient.

2. The Accessibility of the Account Management Tools

There is no universal form of account management. Every card issuer has its own portal or system, and you may find some models work better for you and your business than others. Choose one you find sensible and straightforward to use. 

3. The Types of Vehicles in Your Fleet

Not all vehicles use the same kind of fuel. Some fuel discount cards are restricted to diesel fuel only, while others are more flexible.

4. The Breadth of the Discount Network

Every fuel card has a specific network of gas stations and truck stops. Consider your drivers’ routes and where they are most likely to stop for fuel, then compare accordingly.

5. The Cost of the Program

Some fuel cards have annual fees and others don’t. This is because some providers make their money off of you, whereas others make their money off the relationship they have with the gas stations in their network—neither is right or wrong.

The Fuel Card You’re Looking For

How to Save Money Managing a Fleet with REV Fuel

REV Fuel is proof that not all fuel cards for fleets are made equal. As one of the best fuel cards for truckers, this program stands above the competition by checking more than a few of these boxes. 

If you have a fleet of trucks, REV Fuel’s extensive network of truck stops can help you save across North America. While fuel prices are volatile and will vary based on external factors, business owners can expect to save $600 per truck every month that they buy $4,000 worth of fuel!

The benefits don’t stop there, as REV Fuel cards for fleets have no monthly fees or payments. Managing a cost-effective fleet has never been easier! 

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two red cargo trucks at a gas station

Tips for Choosing the Best Fleet Fuel Cards

Selecting the right factoring partner is a critical decision that significantly influences the success of a wholesale or distribution business. Don’t forget the responsibility they are assuming—they’re going to be interacting with your clients, so you want to be sure they’re professionals who are going to represent your business well.

The following elements should be considered when evaluating invoice factoring services:When it comes to choosing the best fuel cards for trucking companies, the benefits you’ll receive are only as good as the company providing them. Here are some tips to ensure you’re choosing one that will set your business and its fleet up for success.

What to Look For

Options to Pay Later

Reputable card issuers will go the extra mile to help truckers manage fuel costs by allowing credit terms on purchases. They may also integrate their fuel card programs into other financial management services such as transportation factoring.

Access to Cash Advances

The best card issuers allow drivers to withdraw cash as needed using their fuel cards to cover other driving-related expenses. You’ll be allowed to monitor and oversee these transactions.

Extra Features and Services

Some fuel cards will provide you and your fleet with additional on-the-road services such as roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.

Solid Security Measures

Security features such as PINs, passwords, and anti-theft systems should be included. They’re designed to protect your business and drivers from scams on the road.

What to Avoid

No Industry Experience

Ill-informed fuel card issuers who pretend to know the ins and outs of your industry are trouble waiting to happen. They can’t possibly anticipate challenges or work with you to find solutions.

Extremely High Fees

Fuel discount cards that charge you high monthly fees are likely ones that don’t have your best interests in mind. A large sign-up deposit being required is also a red flag that you should avoid.

No Dedicated Customer Support

A card issuer that doesn’t have a dedicated support team simply won’t be able to help you when you’re in need.

Gain Exclusive Gas Discounts with REV Fuel

Stop letting high fuel prices and complicated accounting hold your business back—clear the road to financial freedom with REV Fuel.

Our best-in-class fuel cards allow you to set limits and track transactions without any monthly fees or deposits required. Save $600 per truck every month you spend $4,000 worth of gas thanks to our network of thousands of fuel stations and truck stops across North America, all backed by our unwavering commitment to superior customer service.

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