Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a fuel card?

A REV Fuel card is a physical payment card that we issue to you – our customer engaged in the business of ground transportation.Each fuel card is linked to the fuel purchase account that we issue to you and is preloaded with fund data. Upon delivery of the fuel cards, you may furnish the fuel cards to your drivers, which enables your drivers to make fuel purchases through authorized fuel partners at a discount. Fuel cards also come with features such as fleet fuel usage tracking and reporting tools, which help your business manage fuel expenses more effectively.

How can a customer apply for REV Fuel cards?

Simply contact your CRM (Client Relationship Manager) to join the program and share a few documents with us to sign up. Then, grab your fuel discount cards within 24 hours or receive them by mail.

What types of discounts are offered to customers?

With REV Fuel, you can expect to save $600 per truck in a single month.
This is based on $4000 worth of fuel consumption per month.
REV Fuel pricing is based on COST pricing. COST pricing is available at the distribution centres for refineries.
As COST prices vary and fluctuate daily, we cannot provide a fixed discount rate off retail. To respond to these changes, the
pricing is updated daily.
In Canada, REV Fuel pricing comes in at COST plus 6 cents per litre. This is a 20-cent per litre savings at the pumps when prices are $1.50 per litre. In the US, REV Fuel pricing offers an average discount of $0.20 to $0.25 off per gallon.

Where can a customer’s drivers refuel with the fuel cards?

Find discounts at hundreds of participating locations across North America here.

What impacts a customer’s REV Fuel discounts?

Variables such as fleet size, account standing, fuel consumption, and the number of invoices factored will determine your fuel discounts.

What’s the advantage of purchasing fuel using the same supplier as the customer’s factoring facility?

By integrating fuel and factoring services, we offer our customers the advantage of receiving discounts on fuel based on their volume of purchases. Additionally, we assist in optimizing cashflow by utilizing the surplus reserves provided by factoring facilities to settle fuel invoices. This approach ensures that you can efficiently manage your operations without concerns about upcoming invoices, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Does REV Fuel offer price-matching on fuel?

At present, REV Fuel does not provide price-matching options. Nonetheless, we take great pride in offering our customers full transparency. While there might be situations where our discounts may appear less competitive, we remain dedicated to maintaining the high-quality service you expect and deserve.

What should a customer do if there is a discrepancy or transaction error with the customer’s fuel cards and/or fuel purchase account?

Please contact your Client Relationship Manager if you notice any discrepancies or transaction errors, such as incorrect fuel charges, fuel type, or readings. We will troubleshoot and resolve the issue with the appropriate parties and keep you informed throughout the process.

What should be done if a customer’s fuel card is lostor stolen?

If any of the fuel cards that we have issued is lost or stolen, this poses a risk of unauthorized transactions on your fuel purchase account. We advise you to report the loss or theft immediately, so we can block the card and report it. It is essential to act swiftly to minimize any potential risks.

How secure is a REV Fuel card?

All REV Fuel cards are protected with multi-layer encryption to help keep your funds safe and secure. They are also compliant with industry standards and rely on secure networks to transmit and process payment data.

How is personal information used with the REV Fuel cards and fuel purchase account?

When you receive REV Fuel cards from us, the fuel cards will not display, be marked with, record, or store any names of individuals or any other personal information. In other words, no fuel card will be uniquely labeled or codified for any one of your drivers or identifiably linked to any one of your drivers. Your administrators will be involved with managing your fuel purchase account and ordering fuel cards from us. To minimize the distribution of personal information, please do not provide us with any personal information except for the personal information of your administrators and only as necessary for the use or management of your fuel purchase account. We take data privacy very seriously and treat data stewardship as a priority. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we store and use personal information.  

What measures are in place to help prevent fuel fraudor unauthorized fuel purchases?

As part of the initial setup, we will establish policies on the COMDATA portal to allow only authorized locations and specific items that your drivers can fuel. This helps to eliminate unauthorized product fueling. Additionally, COMDATA has its own security system designed to detect and prevent fuel fraud. If any detected unauthorized fuel purchases occur, COMDATA will block the card or mark it as fraudulent and notify you via email. In such cases, they typically recommend card replacement.

What if a customer has further questions or concerns regarding the customer’s fuel card transactions?

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or issues related to your fuel card transactions or the accuracy of the data provided, please don't hesitate to contact your Client Relationship Manager. We are ready to assist you and ensure your fuel card experience is seamless and reliable. 

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